Drift Design is a blog about web design and development, user experience and web trends. An exploration of what can be done with the modern web and the best way to do it. I mainly focus on CSS, HTML and Javascript techniques to bring out the best of what modern browsers/devices can do.

I started learning to design websites by reading blogs, looking at source code and generally devouring everything HTML or CSS related that I could. Since then I have worked as a designer/developer on some great projects which have really pushed the boundaries of what I can do. Whenever there is an issue I cannot solve there is a 90% chance that someone from the online community of web experts has already solved it. I’ve started this blog to get involved in this fantastic community and try to give some help and inspiration to budding web designers and hardened pro’s alike, plus probably learn some new things along the way.

I focus on what new technologies can achieve, but try to include ways to support older browsers through graceful degradation. Supporting old browsers can be important, depending on your user base, however I’m hopeful you’re viewing this site on an up-to-date gecko or webkit browser (Firefox or Chrome). I don’t really go back beyond IE9 most of the time, though I have been known to create sites supporting IE7. There isn’t much need for that these days, specially when using modern techniques that simply wont show up on these browsers.

Besides the web I have a keen interest in many forms of design, architecture and industrial design to name a few. I find these industries can provide good insight and inspiration when it comes to finding solutions for web design and development. There are design patterns from many industries that can be applied, in a certain way, to the internet. While the internet is relatively new, one primary focus should be for human use and enjoyment, like all other design disciplines.

Get in touch to discuss anything web design or development related. I’m always interested in discovering new ideas or improving old ones. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub and many other social sites.